Of Mice and More... -- By Melanie Ingalls

As you and your families are preparing to enter the New Year, remember that we can give ALL of our problems to Him, for He empowers us to do ALL things! 

"I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!" (Phil. 4:13).

I had this mouse -- or perhaps mice -- in my place yesterday.  Now I am terrified of mice.  Absolutely horrified, actually.  I can't sleep until I see the "dead" evidence!  So I sat there, paralyzed by the fact that there was a mouse in my house!  Every time the critter made his appearance, I nearly went hysterical.  Finally I talked to my mom on the phone (thank God for free hours after 9 p.m.!).  Her recommendation?  "Do something about it before it becomes big and multiplies."  So I went to the store to get poison and traps, etc.  I asked the man at the counter how to tell the difference between a rat and a mouse.  He answered, "What size is it?" My reply?  "When it runs around in my place, it's about the size of an elephant.  That's all I know!"  He started laughing, but of course I didn't see anything funny about it. 

Today, after little naps here and there, I realized that I often let the little things needle me (like the mouse--and it was indeed a mouse!).  When I don't take care of them right away, my environment becomes infested.  And I'm not just talking about mice!  I'm talking about outlook, emotions, problems, or whatever.  But if I take the measures to get the little thing killed off before there are more little things, then I don't live in a constant state of paralysis as though I was in an infested environment.
Remember, what may look like an elephant to you, will probably seem small to someone else (like the man at the hardware store!), and the reality is, they only become elephants because we allow ourselves to view them that way. 
With God and the strength he empowers us with, we can do all things!  We can be overcomers!  "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!" (Phil. 4:13).
Lord, help me to just remember this every time I encounter something that looks to big and too difficult . . .
Melanie Ingalls