Praise and Worship -- By Richard Poulin

Last Sunday my Pastor spoke about utilizing the Spiritual weapons of our warfare. It made me remember how important it is that Praise is one of our main weapons, along with prayer and reading/believing His divine, pure, holy, infallible Word. I am often at fault for not utilizing these weapons. So often we praise God when things are going "right" for us, or when we just feel pretty good. But how often do we forget how honored we are simply to be in God's presence! I so often forget to praise our Lord just because he deserves it!

Often we don't "feel" like praising God. We may be going through the valley, but it is at these times that we really need to focus on Him and share the sufferings He suffered to appreciate what He went through. It is at these times that we need to start praising Him, no matter what! Nothing we suffer compares to what He suffered for us. When we truly know our loving Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus, we will have no doubt in our heart that He knows what we are going through, and that we are still in His divine plan, because He is molding us to be that beautiful vessel, adorned with precious jewels in His sight.

When we are down in the dumps and wallow in our sorrow, it is because we are spending too much time focusing on the things here on earth rather than our heavenly blessings of a rich inheritance He has in store for us, for all eternity. That is why He admonishes and encourages us to set our affections on things above, not on things of the earth (Col 3:3).

When we shout the praises of God, we are doing His good and perfect will. The devil shutters because he hates it when the saints of God praises Him. God is so worthy of our praise, let us by His grace be able to praise Him in the morning, noon time and evening; Praise Him when the sun goes down, whether we are on the mountain top, plateau or walking through the valleys. He loves each of us so much. It is evident of what Christ endured for us, so we can receive a rich eternal inheritance as we live by His grace. Just the same way, God allows us to go through whatever circumstances He directs only because He loves us!!

May you always be blessed and encouraged in the Lord, as you fully trust in Him and determine in your heart to continually praise Him.

Love in Christ to all.

Richard Poulin

Altar Minister, Associate Director, Answers2Prayer Ministries,