The Image, Part 5: All Things Work Together for Good -- By Lyn Chaffart
The following devotional is the fifth in a short series focusing on Daniel 2: Nebuchadnezzar's vision of the great statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay.
"Then the king . . . made him ruler over the entire province of Babylon and placed him in charge of all its wise men. Moreover, at Daniel's request the king appointed Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego administrators over the province of Babylon, while Daniel himself remained at the royal court." (Dan 2:48-49)
Daniel finds himself a captive in a foreign land, far from home, surrounded by false gods.  And to make matters worse, he is forced to serve a pagan king.  If I had been Daniel, I might have felt--understandably!--a little bit upset by these happenings.  Everything must have seemed so negative.  Not a single bright spot on the horizon.  The light at the end of the tunnel completely obscured. 
Yet Daniel doesn't seem to respond this way.  Throughout all records that we have of Daniel, it appeared that he had ultimate faith in God "that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Rom 8:28)
The story of Daniel 2 illustrates this point very nicely.  To add to all the potential woes of Daniel (captivity, etc!) he receives a death threat.  Arioch, the commander of the king's guard, has gone out to put to death ALL of the king's wire men, including Daniel and his three friends.  But Daniel continues to place his trust in God, and God responds by showing Daniel the dream and its interpretation in a vision.  As a result, the death threat is lifted, the king acknowledges God as the One True God, and just to put icing on the cake, Daniel is made ruler "over the entire province of Babylon", he is placed "in charge over all its wise men", and at his request, his three friends are "appointed administrators over the province of Babylon" (Dan. 2:48,49)!
My friends, the next time you are tempted to feel sorry for yourselves because of the circumstance you find yourselves in, remember Daniel!  Praise God for your circumstances.  Trust Him to work good into bad situations, then sit back and wait upon the blessing of the Lord! 

In His love,

Lyn Chaffart, Moderator, The Nugget, Scriptural Nuggets ( ), Answers2Prayer Ministries,

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