Dearest Saints, Did you ever think God has given you a talent that you may not know of? He doesn't look for qualified people in order to use, but He qualifies people so He can use. In other words, if God had to wait for me to be qualified to use me in any way, He would be waiting a very long time, or probably would have never come about if it meant for me to be "qualified".

For someone like me who was probably one of the bottom students in our class in English, who could have thought I could have written two books? When I found myself encouraging many people throughout the weeks, months and years, I would never have thought in my mind that I could ever qualify doing this, as I was so negative and had low self esteem in my earlier years. I hardly lived each day without saying and thinking so many negative words and thoughts about myself. It was a real revelation to realize how God could have turned my life completely around and use my past to be a blessing to so many.

God uses the humble and the abase to shame the wise and prudent (1 Cor 1:20,27). For all the things I felt I would never be qualified to do, God had different plans. He has demonstrated to me many times that He can bring out wonderful talents that I never have imagined of having. I would have never known had I not made the attempt to do what I am now doing.

God didn't look to choose highly educated people to be His Disciples to change the world. He purposely picked the most unlikely people that He could use, which most employers would have picked otherwise to represent them and their company. I realized that had I not made the attempt just to do the things I now see myself doing, I would have not known this hidden talent that is most useful to other people in their distress and in their greatest time of need. God is not waiting to see if you qualify to do anything in serving Him and serving others, He is looking for a willing heart that wants to be used. After all, He is the One who qualifies us.

I wonder for each of us, could there be hidden talents in our lives we have not yet realized we may have? When we ask God to help us, to use us to be a blessing to others in the furtherance of His Kingdom, He will truly make a way which may allow you to start using a gift you may have never realized you had. When I know how God has used me in an email ministry over the past decade, it almost scares me to think if I had ended up hiding that talent because I was afraid (Matt 25:25) instead of using a talent He had given me, it is an accountability I would rather not know that I would be accountable before Him, because He dealt harshly towards the Servant who was considered wicked because he hid his talent rather than making good use of it. It makes me want so much to ask God to reveal all talents in my life so I can fully utilize my life to bring the Hope of Christ to all I come in contact with. I know that when you ask Him to help use you for His good and perfect will, we can know that He can reveal to us every hidden talent that is most useful to many people in need whom we come across and are close to.

The message I want to get across is that God has given us wonderful talents that are most precious and beautiful if we would use them to glorify Him and be a blessing to others. Each of us, no matter how insignificant we may consider ourselves, has a wonderful talent that others in our midst needs. Each one of us is truly unique and there is not another in this world exactly the same as you. For we are Gods workmanship, recreated in Christ to do good works (Eph 2:10). We are a unique beautiful original copy and we should stop trying to be a cheap imitator of someone else just you may feel they are more gifted than you.

You most likely have a quality they themselves want. If you are willing and obedient, God can use each of us in a very powerful way so we can each richly bless one another in their time of need. You may be the only Jesus many people may see and the only one whom God can and will use for the greatest mandate in all of history.

With Your help Lord, may each of us use every wonderful talent God has given us and hear from Him like the one who received 5 talents, and the two talents and hear God say "Well done thy good and faithful Servant" (Matt 25:21,23).

Just because the one servant received two talents does not mean God was not equally pleased with the Servant initially receiving 5 talents. I believe God would have been more displeased with the servant who did receive five, but only used four, rather then the one receiving two talents and using both talents. Therefore, it is not the size or the position of a ministry you hold, but whether or not we are making use of all our talents to work for the glorify God and blessing many others in their time of need.

I hope this has been encouraging to you as it is for me.

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God bless.

In the Matchless Name of Jesus

Richard Poulin