First things first. More than worshipping God for the blessings, which He pours into our lives, we need to learn to worship Him, JUST FOR WHAT HE IS!


Worshipping Him, awed by His unique attributes, is the noblest form of worship, for it emanates from the depths of the heart with no strings attached. Worship in its pristine form is nothing but an unalloyed form of an ethereal romance between the Creator and His favorite creation (Isaiah 62:5, Zephaniah 3:17).


In this context, let it be said that the driving force for winning souls to the Lord ought not to be only the need of saving them from the scorching hell-fire, but also to acquaint them with the indescribable heavenly joys that one is enjoying. That is "Balanced evangelism" for you.


In this series I intend to bring to the fore two of our Creator's sublime qualities. He is a God of BALANCE and believe it or not, at times He is also a God of IMBALANCE!!!


God of Balance


Firstly the former. Do we not see in the realm of physical creation, the principle of balance all around? If not for night following the day, would there be scope for rest and recuperation, before yet another round of strenuous activity? If there had been one continuous summer season, without the intermittent rainy and winter seasons, would not we all be baked dry? If it had been all rain, the depressing scenario of Noah's flood would loom before our eyes. If it is chilly winter all the way, would we not all be frozen stiff? Add to this the reverse breathing pattern of the plant and the animal World and a Hallelujah springs from the depths of the heart for the amazing balance He has placed in the physical World.


Next week, in OF BALANCE AND IMBALANCE, Part 2, we will take a look at the amazing balance in our Saviour's life and ministry. Join us next Tuesday for "Condescending But …"


Prayer: Father, just as you are perfectly balanced, enable us to be more balanced Christians, in order we bring glory to You in this watching World, where every action of Your children is put under the scanner. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Suresh Manoharan


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