Remember how, as new Christians, we felt we had been resurrected from the dead? We surged with new life and the wonder of it engulfed us. We had caught a glimpse of Christ and he made a profound impact on us.

Then the bandwagon grabbed us and we were urged to tell everyone about this wonderful thing we had experienced. We had, they told us, ‘a testimony to give.’ Furthermore, they said, there were people who needed to hear about our experience for encouragement and enrichment. The bandwagon saw us as the leading story and wanted us in the publishing business of ‘telling.’

Three of the disciples had that experience. They had seen Jesus glorified in company with Moses and Elijah and they were ecstatic. What they saw was a leading story!

‘Wait,’ said Jesus, ‘don’t talk yet. Wait until you stop focusing on your experience and can put your focus on me. Wait until you are possessed of my risenness, not your own.’

You see, our experience is to soak up vitamins and minerals and enzymes like a shingle-back lizard soaks up the sun. One day when we have soaked up enough, we will see the risen Christ, not our risen selves.

When the Word comes to life and fills our horizon, we will see beyond our own experience. We will not see ourselves because we fade into insignificance when we see the Son of Man risen from the dead.

It is not ourselves we are to share. It is the risen Christ we are to share because ‘on their way down the mountain, he instructed them not to tell anyone what they had seen until the Son of Man had risen from the dead.’ Mark 9:4.

What we experience is not the leading story. What Christ does is.

Elizabeth Price