Memory Bank -- By Elizabeth Price

The computer expert called in to install a new program on the computer for my husband’s astro-photography. He set it up and pressed some keys and chatted to us while the computer did its own mysterious thing.

At the end of the exercise my husband had a whole new facility in the memory bank of our computer. It put an incredible range of functions at his disposal that would require many hours of dedication to unravel. It could do things our minds could barely imagine.

Then the computer expert showed us a few samples of what could be achieved and we were awed and enchanted. He also warned us about certain things we should not do so that we could avoid spoiling the new program.

What intrigued us was that somebody had devised all this in his mind and now it was as if he had installed his mind into our little computer. To us, it seemed like the computer contained an actual image of the program writer’s mind!

But was all this really new? I remembered fragments of history stored in my mind and realised that my mind was a computer in its own right.

God had installed his own program into it before it was made. He had already declared his intention to ‘make man in his own image’ and when he made mankind, he installed him with himself. He put himself into our memory bank.

Awesome, isn’t it?

To confirm that you have his program, look up Genesis 1:26.

A picture in my memory bank

Elizabeth Price