Every summer the temperatures soar. With mercury on the rise, oh how our tongues crave for that cool “elixir of life” (read water)! Also how we wish controlling the temperature is well within our realm! That brings me to the topic about two “heat-related” instruments…thermometer and thermostat. For the uninitiated, if the former merely “registers” the temperature, the latter “regulates” it. To further substantiate…while the thermometer reading changes depending on the temperature around it, thermostat rather being influenced by the temperature around it, changes the same for good.

Coming to the spiritual realm, there are only two types of believers’. If “thermometer” Christians are influenced by outward circumstances and pressures they bring in their wake to conform, the “thermostat “ believers rather than going with the ungodly majority, stand-up and change the world around them for good.

Continuing with the “heat” subject, what about three young, committed Jews –Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3)? They did not bend to Royal pressure to worship a pagan idol, yes, even the threat of being thrown alive into the fiery furnace, did not wither their spiritual resolve? The result of their holy defiance and their eventual miraculous deliverance from the searing furnace? The “villain” in the whole story -King Nebuchadnezzar- is transformed for good, so much so He passes a royal edict that that true, living God of the Jews has to be revered all through out his vast empire (Daniel 3:28-29). So the essence of this story…despite being in fiery furnace, these men were NOT “thermometers” but “thermostats” bringing about a beneficial “temperature change” in the lives of King Nebuchadnezzar and many in His realm. Pray tell me dear reader, are you a “thermometer” Christian or a “thermostat” one?

Prayer: Father in heaven, empower your child to be a positive influence in this World, rather than being influenced by it. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan