Dear Friends,

I was praying today and God gave me this word that I felt led to share with you.  At first I thought it was for a friend of mine I was praying for and it was, but then God told me to share it with everyone, so here it is.....

God told me the sound of the abundance of rain is coming on a dry and weary people and in a dry and weary season.  Then He said to go to First Kings 18-41-44:  "And Elijah said unto Ahab get thee up, eat and drink, for there is a sound of abundance of rain. So Ahab went up to drink and to eat.  And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees and said to his servant Go up now look toward the sea and he went and looked and said There is nothing and he said Go again seven times and it came to pass at the seventh time, then he said behold there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a mans hand and he said go up say unto Ahab prepare thy chariot and get thee down that the rain stop you not"

Sometimes--or most of the time!--most people stop after two or three times of not seeing results.  But it was in the seventh time he went that he saw just a tiny little cloud.  Not much of a cloud, just a small tiny one it says, not even the size of a man's fist above the sea.  Thats not much, but it was enough for Elijah to say:  "The sound of the abundance of rain is coming"!

If we don't have our chariots ready and are not preparing for the rain, we could miss it and not have enough to carry it in.  The chariot was Ahab's transportation to get out of the city due to the large amount of rain that was coming his way, but he had to listen to Elijah who was hearing from God, and he had to obey what God told him to do. 

God is saying to prepare your chariots and be ready to receive the abundance of rain.  If God says rain is coming, then don't look at the drought or weary season that you see in front of you!

Even though Joseph went through the fire many, many years, he was removed from prison in one day.  Why?  Because he was prepared at all times to come out of his prison.

Namaan had to dip in the river seven times.  If he would have given up after the sixth time, he would never have received his healing.  He was a high ranking official of his country. 

If Elijah's servant would not have gone the seventh time, maybe the rain cloud would never have appeared.  But even if things look discouraging and it looks like there is a drought, remember it looked the same way to Elijah and his servant!  But Elijah knew what God told him and he believed Him.  Otherwise he would have given up on looking for the cloud and rain God promised after all those years with no rain.

Friends, if you see a drought in June, remember the seventh month is on its way!  Maybe there is no money to pay our rent or no finances for the ministry, but God promised.  If He gave a promise that He would meet all your needs, go back and look one more time, because there is an abundance of rain coming to the body of Christ.  There is a harvest coming even though the circumstances may speak differently. 

The air is always thick before a storm.  There's a stirring in the air before it rains.  Don't look at the storm clouds in the sky or the thickness in the air, because an abundance of rain is coming!  So like Elijah told his servant, don't be discouraged at the size of the cloud and don't get troubled after the sixth time that you have waited and seen no results.  Go look again.  And then look again if you have too.  Without faith it is impossible to see God.  God moves with faith, and faith can cause one tiny little cloud to appear that will bring an abundance of rain.  But only if you have faith to believe.  So get your chariots ready, prepare!  Make plans.  Don't stop planning!  Enlarge the place of your tent.  Stretch your tent pegs.  Stretch them even without money, because if it's God's will, the money will come as you stretch, as you step out in faith, as you go the seventh time, as you get your chariot prepared.  Don't quit!  By sticking it out, you may win!  Maybe its just around the bend -- the next corner -- but never never stop having faith! 

I told God, "it's been 5 years and I'm still praying for my health!"  God replied:  "Look again!  Check the reports again, and if you don't see an answer, go check again!  But don't quit.  Keep going.  Because in your finances there is an abundance of rain coming.  You may not see the tiny little cloud about the sea yet, but it's coming and it's on its way.  Have faith! 

The mustard seed is the smallest seed there is and yet it grows to be a great tree--a fruitful tree from one tiny little seed.  If you don't have a job, go on the seventh interview.  If your ministry has no more money, don't stop your plans!  God could be trying to see what you're going to do.  He wants men and women of great faith to do impossible things.  God is waiting for men and women who will trust that if He says he can do it, and He promises He will do it regardless of the circumstances, then He will do it. 

God's looking for one or two who will believe in spite of insurmountable circumstances, and I want to be one who stands in spite of what it looks like.  But never, never, never, never ever, ever quit.  Instead of quitting, go and get your chariot prepared for the rain that's coming your way! 

God Bless You all.

Deborah Quick