Affirmation of God's Move on our Behalf -- By Sharon Warden

"I will sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider, He has thrown into the sea."  Exodus 15:1 

Though Moses was speaking of the Egyptian chariots with riders and horses that were in hot pursuit after Moses and the Israelites (after Pharaoh changed his mind about letting them go), this particular sentence in the Book has a lot of meaning for us in today's setting and time. 
Our "horses and riders" could be anything that comes chasing after us, to destroy our peace, our love for each other and particularly our love for the Lord.  We simply have to ask Him, trust in Him that He will do it, and stand back and watch Him move to overcome our enemy, destroying it in the sea of forgetfulness!  He will give us the strength to turn back the battle at the gate if we ask Him for it and stand on His eternal promises, that He is our Defender, our Avenger, and our Savior. 
That enemy may still be on the move, but it won't be able to touch us, because of Him.  And, whooeeeyyy - then we can sing our songs and "dance on injustice and the head of the enemy".  I think the Lord likes to hear our songs and praises, for praise "looks our enemy in the face and laughs and says 'so…?'" 
Always In His Grip,
Sharon Warden

Answers2Prayer volunteer, Answers2Prayer ministries,

Appearing Thursday, April 3, 2003