Be Most Encouraged: I Love You! -- By Richard Poulin

Dear Saints!! My testimony is a little lengthy, but God has been having me grow tremendously in my spiritual growth.

I have been thinking about eternity and realizing in a most profound way, that this life here is so temporal that it is a place we need to strive to do our utmost to prepare for our real home in eternity. I compared a little droplet of water, representing my present life here on earth, to the vast enormous oceans of this world representing eternity. If you imagine the Pacific ocean alone, it is over 69million square miles, 11000 miles across the equator, 8000 miles north/south and in several places, the ocean reaches 7miles deep.

It is mind-boggling to comprehend eternity in that realm, and beyond because there is no end to eternity!! That little drop of water can ever represent a whole life of a person who has lived as old as 100 yrs. Can you imagine if someone were to die at that age where they toiled, laboured extensively, accumulated possessions, strived for recognition, etc? It is like that little drop that soon vanishes and without Christ, that person steps into that huge vast enormous realm of eternity with no hope to ever end.

There is nothing more devastating than knowing that! It makes me realize more than ever, that our lives should be a place where we need to prepare ourselves for eternity. Because that is where we will continue to exist in a realm without end.  The realm of eternity is beyond any human understanding or comprehension. No wonder the Lord encourages & admonishes us to set our affections on things above, not on things of this world (Col 1:1-3)& (2 Cor 4:16-18).

I also like to compare that drop of water to the world's oceans similarly to comparing my love to His infinite love. With this in mind, I know whatever happens to me, I can have peace knowing that He loves me unconditionally and truly cares for me. (Eph 3:18) I compare my insignificant knowledge to the richness of His knowledge. (Psalm 139:17,18) Can you imagine the great beaches of this world, including all the thousands of islands, every great continent and many large beaches throughout the world. Yet it says that His knowledge exceeds the grains of sand in all the world!! Boy, if I could scoop a bucket of sand in a pail, I would be ecstatic if my knowledge were to compare to just one bucket!

When I think of this, I have full confidence to obey & trust Him, I know I am receiving the very best advice for me to live the most blessed life.

I like to use the same illustration to compare my wisdom to His infinite wisdom. With this in mind, I have peace & confidence knowing that He is able to mold me and fashion me as a vessel of honor because He knows BEST!!

When I compare my skills and ability to His Strength & power, I am at peace knowing that there is no problem too great that He can't handle for me, no matter what situation I may be going through. That He is able to provide, preserve and protect me when I commit any situation in His hands. When we put our hope, trust in man, our work, money, economy, Govt or anything created rather than on God Himself, it is like having this drop of water which soon vanishes and represents a hopeless end rather than having the endless hope of joy peace gladness prosperity by trusting in Him and having that eternal Hope of Glory.

When I have my mind, heart and affections set upon His awesomeness & greatness, He enables me to:

1. Not harbour bitterness or unforgiveness from the past;

2. Be able to pray for my enemies

3. Not becoming critical or judgemental towards others, but prayerful

4. No longer worry about being a people pleaser, or what others may think or say of me.

5. Not being competitive with one another (ie: at school, work, etc)

6. Able to be completely content with little, and we can then truly say: "The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall be in want"

7. Never being envious of others no matter what

8. Never being disappointed because I did not get recognized or awarded for my "good deeds" or accomplishments, and

9. He helps me to resist and have victory over sin & temptation.

By setting my heart, mind and affections on the hope of His greatness & our eternal glory, it liberates me from the bondages I just mentioned as a result, rather than putting our hope & trust in this world. Where the world will fail sooner or later, God NEVER fails. When I think of this awesome realm of eternity, the trials I live through in this life that may seem like a great mountain to most becomes like a little pebble because our God is awesome, and we can say to this mountain "be ye cast into the depths of the sea" and it will be done for you by the Heavenly Father for those who believe.

This is just half of what I have written down. Part two will appear in Sunday's edition of The Illustrator.  God has really been impressing my heart in a way in which I have such a deeper & more complete fellowship and relationship with Him. I hope this really encourages you as it has for me.

Love in Christ,

Richard Poulin

Associate Director of Prayer Requests, Answers2Prayer Ministries,

Appearing Saturday, May 10, 2003