Benefits of Loving His Word -- By Richard Poulin

I am inspired by the Psalmists message in Psalm 119:11-19.  When we see that His Word is a true inspiration of His love, we know that we serve a God that is infinite and perfect in Love and is always giving.  God instructs his children to be still and know that "I am God." 

We need to take our time in quiet meditation to realize that His Word He gives instruction to direct us in living a life blessed by His divine presence.  It gives us instruction for inheriting the utmost blessings, not only for this world, but in the realm of eternity that has no end.  When we realize this, we should be inspired by His Word and come to love this Word that Jesus Himself has fulfilled. 

When we see what Jesus has done for us, how He has sent the power of His Spirit to be with us, to instruct us, and to guide us, when we see what a glorious place He has prepared for us, we should want to love His Word!  We want to delight in His laws, as mentioned throughout Psalms. 

The philosophies of man and what this world ever offers may delight the hearers who want to hear instruction that satisfies the soul but for a moment in time.  As it says in Psalms, only Gods laws are boundless.  It is Gods laws and instructions that bring everlasting joy and peace to those who hear not only what they want to, but what they need to hear.  We have to understand that it is only Gods ways that direct us to having eternal life and eternal blessings of peace, joy and gladness.  His Word should be greater than all the treasures of this world because having all the wealth will only bring temporal happiness, but only Gods Word gives us what is immeasurable--inner peace, inexpressible and glorious joy, gladness of heart and peace which surpasses all understanding. 

The richest man in this world can never purchase what God offers us for free!!  It is awesome to think of what a price Jesus paid for us, that we should receive the greatest miracle of all, Salvation.  As His Word is divinely inspired by God (2Tim 3:16), it should cause us to have a divine love for His Word, His laws, His instructions for our lives.  This should help each of us each time we open our Bibles to receive His Word with delight in our hearts. 

In the parable of the Seed & the Sower, the Word will have no effect if our hearts are hard, the cares of this world (infesting weeds) are choking the blessings of His Word, or we do not develop roots and being established in His Word in love for Him.  But when our hearts are right before Him, His Word will have a blessed effect on our lives in which we will bear much fruit as we are called to do.  Our hearts can be right before Him as we confess our faults, confess our need of Him and believe to receive the very best from Him, knowing that He loves us and cares for us more than anyone else could ever do. 

When we see His divine and unconditional love for us, as is expressed in His Word, His Word takes on a greater meaning and we will know that the richest treasures of all are truly found in His Word.  We may not like His instructions at times, nor entirely agree with it, but it is what is ultimately the best for us in the boundless realm of eternity.  Any other instruction that violates His Word is compared to building our houses (lives) upon sinking sand which will never be stable, and we end up living in a false sense of hope that will never satisfy. 

Laws of this world confine us to legalism, but Gods laws liberates us from all bondages of sin.  Knowing this in your heart should cause us to love His laws and instruction for us each time we get in to His Word.

Love to you in Christ.

Richard Poulin

Associate Director, Answers2Prayer Ministries,