Daily Issues -- By Vern Nicholson

Luke 11:1-13

Daily, we are faced with many issues in life. The most important issue is how we deal with our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Much of that is how we approach our Heavenly Father. Do we come to Him as abba abba Father or do we try to make Him our possession? To set the record straight, we are His possession because we were purchased by the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ. To establish a covenant relationship makes it all possible.

Being honest with the Heavenly Father is a primary requisite for being able to communicate to Him your love, reverence, and thankfulness for His love and mercy! Total honesty is required for Him to abundantly bless with His abundance of mercies and forgiveness.

Being honest with God, we first must be honest with ourselves ... to face our sinful nature and all the sins committed and omitted. We must bring every sin, no matter how big or small, directly to Him and ask forgiveness. When we confess our sins, ask forgiveness, and put them under the Blood of Jesus Christ they are forgiven and remembered no more!

When we humble ourselves (I Pe. 5:6) and seek His face continually, we receive the privilege of hearing His voice in speaking to us. He speaks to us through His Word and in the voice of the Holy Spirit, leading and instructing us in the way He wants us to go. Much of this has to be for His service. We are His servants, to be used for His Glory, and He sheds part of that back upon us. We are to be still and know He is God!

We have 4 enemies to hold us back from being productive servants. The first one is FEAR. Fear neutralizes so many because they retreat in fear, being unfruitful because they don't understand. Fear can be conquered by simply going forward, in Christ, to the task assigned. The Lord says, "Go," and that is all that is necessary to leave fear behind.

The second is INFERIORITY. This one rules out so many of God's people because they don't really realize that, with Christ, all things are possible. He always trains, equips, and empowers everyone to accomplish everything that He asks us to do! No one is inferior to be a success, in the Lord's work. We have to believe His word and be led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish every opportunity that comes our way.

The third enemy is GUILT, which we hang onto because we fail to put it behind us or to let go after forgiveness has been granted. Guilt will rob you of strength and empowerment to accomplish anything for the Lord. Take all guilt to the alter of God and leave it there. You don't need it. So, let go and let God use you to His glory!

The last great enemy that Satan uses against everyone is HATE. Hate is only misguided love. So, set it out in a new direction. Hate is usually caused by a hurt, in every heart, because of sin of someone or several. It can be overcome by asking for their forgiveness and then forgetting the incident. Many self-righteous members of the church or community cause much of this, driving many away from the Lord.

Part of being honest with one's self is to recognize the enemy and deal directly with it, as the Lord ask you to. Honesty is so important in the life of the Christian. Honesty with God, with ourselves and others, brings on rich rewards. In our prayer life, with the Father and Lord Jesus Christ, I would encourage you to be this way with all. It has very rich rewards with the abundance of mercies, healings, blessings, and joys of being a dynamic servant of Almighty God.

Pray that your relationships with God, yourselves, and others will be strengthened and you will be richly and abundantly blessed ... because you will, then, be a dynamic servant ~ with many opportunities to share in His works. Become a soul winner as Jesus makes you fishers of men, with all the dynamics of a rich and blessed life in Christ Jesus. Prayer is the key that opens all the do.

© 2003 by (Howard) Vern Nicholson