Declaring War on the Real Enemy -- By Richard Poulin

I feel really lead of God to send this message to encourage each of us who are in Christ Jesus to start declaring war against the enemy of our souls. My heart breaks to see so many Christians continually being defeated and tormented by the devil and his forces. I pray that each of us would go back to what God says and "if My people who are called by My name, will humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, pray and seek His face, then will God hear us from Heaven, forgive all our sins & heal our lands." (2Chron 7:14).

It makes me realize that the tormentor himself should be the "tormented one" when we realize who we are in Christ and we have the privilege of being called the Sons of God and declaring the promises of His Word for us.

Several things that the devil hates is the Blood, the Word and our unshakable faith in Him. When Christ was tempted, He declared the Word and the devil could not tempt Christ again with the same temptation. He has given us all the power of weapons of warfare to live in victory.

The minute Jesus said on the Cross of Calvary "It is finished", the devil knew he was defeated at that time. We need to start declaring this to stand united stronger than ever to stand against the lies of the devil and rebuke every lie and deception he would try to trip us up with. We have to declare war on the issues that the devil is using to come against us like division, strife, criticism, apathy, lukewarmness and being compromisers of Gods Word and His will. When we turn from His will and do our own will, we suffer the consequences of not living the victorious & best possible Christian life God has called for us.

Whenever saints of God are in division with doctrine, they need to cease striving and encourage each other with gentleness to get on our knees to seek Gods direction. After all, it is His Spirit that guides us in to all truth, not our argumentative ways.

God has richly helped me when I seek Him, and have asked Him to reveal His Truth for me and receive it with joy in my heart and rebuke, reject and hate anything that would compromise receiving the fullness of His absolute Truth of His Word. God has also inspired me with this to come together in unity, because there is power in unity. He also states that no kingdom can stand when we are divided on issues. When Gods people came together in one place, having one accord (being in agreement) to come together to lift up the name of Jesus, He was able to perform His Wonders and His Power of the Holy Spirit was upon the people.

I believe God is All Powerful simply because the trinity of the Godhead is in perfect unity. If we would come together in unity and fight the enemy and use the weapons of warfare, hating evil, loving others, hating what God hates, loving what God loves, keeping our focus on His Love for us and what He has done for us, the power of God would move through His people like never before.

The devil will also try to trip us up when we question God, why does this evil happen? We need to keep focused on how much He truly loves us by His willingness to go to the Cross for us and die the shameful death on the cross and shed His blood.

I pray for each of us, that with Gods help to break down the walls of division, denominations, becoming islands amongst ourselves and join forces as one in the Kingdom of God seeking to do His good and perfect will. Know that the best treasures having is His Word, and that we would embrace His Word throughout our being, knowing that His divine Word and instruction is the key to reaping the greatest rewards for all eternity. Know the goodness of His Grace towards us when we truly humble ourselves, seek His guidance and seek His face and know He truly loves us. He will only do as much as we allow Him to do in us and through us. Be encouraged in Jesus precious matchless and mighty name, Amen.

Love to you in Christ.

Richard Poulin