He Continues to Encourage Me -- Richard Poulin

Dear Friends in Christ, This is a continuation of what yesterday's Scriptural Nugget, and it is what God has inspired my heart about preparing for eternity.

When I meditate upon His glory, I am no longer being robbed of the fullness of joy, peace & gladness that only He is able to offer me. We never have to rely on a "favorable situation" to have His joy & peace within us.

Because Paul & Silas knew God so intimately and knew about His awesome glory, even the prison cells could not stop them from singing praises unto Him. They knew who they were in Christ, and knew Him as an awesome Creator!! Trials, afflictions, unfavorable conditions which may seem like Mt Everest will seem like a little pebble when we keep our heart set upon His eternal glory. As it has helped me overcome a lot of bondages, it has also helped me to become more Christ-like. It makes me want to be:

- "my utmost for His Highest"

- To be the arms to embrace those who are hurting;

- To be the hands to hold and guide those who need encouragement

- To be the soft shoulder for those who need to shed tears on

- To be the feet to walk the extra mile with those who are trodding through the valley of despair & discouragement, and

- To bless the lonely and the sick with the best gift of all, my time.

I am most encouraged to do this when I keep my eyes on Him and my hope is in eternity in His glorious kingdom, helping those in need without any selfish ambition or worldly gain. It will allow us to want to be as a humble child and with this hope, we will be amongst the greatest in the Kingdom of God (Mt 18:1-4). Inheriting the richness of His reward for all eternity without end.

Remember, He is always willing and able to do more than what we ever ask or can imagine (Eph 3:20).

I've been most encouraged because if I had kept my eyes upon my present circumstances and hopes of ever making it through this life alone, I would be most miserable and discouraged. But by His Grace & Mercy, He has impressed upon my heart to set my hopes and affections upon Jesus & the hope of eternal glory He alone is able & willing to offer. Just as eternity itself is beyond our imagination, so is our rich inheritance and our awesome God who made it all possible.

Blessings to you always in Jesus name.

Richard Poulin

Associate Director of Prayer Requests, Answers2Prayer Ministries, www.Answers2Prayer.org