Holy, Holy, Holy! -- By Dean Masters

Nowadays it seems that too many people are getting too familiar with God. They think of Him as their best friend, who He is, but they treat Him that way most of the time. They might come to Him saying, "Old buddy, old pal, You say in Your word that You will do thus and so. I want that and I want it now." They don't think it matters how they live since God is in the forgiving business. They just go on living their lives just as they want and only come to him when they need something. They treat God like a sugar daddy who can provide all their wants with no strings attached. Is this the real picture of God? Is this the way we should think of God? How did Isaiah see God?

Isaiah 6:1-8 (GNB) "In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord. He was sitting on his throne, high and exalted, and his robe filled the whole Temple. 2 Round him flaming creatures were standing, each of which had six wings. Each creature covered its face with two wings, and its body with two, and used the other two for flying. 3 They were calling out to each other: "Holy, holy, holy! The Lord Almighty is holy! His glory fills the world." 4 The sound of their voices made the foundation of the Temple shake, and the Temple itself was filled with smoke. 5 I said, "There is no hope for me! I am doomed because every word that passes my lips is sinful, and I live among a people whose every word is sinful. And yet, with my own eyes, I have seen the King, the Lord Almighty!" 6 Then one of the creatures flew down to me, carrying a burning coal that he had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs. 7 He touched my lips with the burning coal and said, "This has touched your lips, and now your guilt is gone, and your sins are forgiven." 8 Then I heard the Lord say, "Whom shall I send? Who will be our messenger?" I answered, "I will go! Send me!"

Isaiah saw God high and lifted up. It was an awesome sight! There were these creatures that were praising God continually. They didn't just say God is holy. In the Hebrew language they didn't have punctuation, so to stress a word or phrase, they would repeat it. That is why it was printed that God was holy, holy, holy. He is completely holy, completely without sin. He has always been, is living now and will always live and will always be holy.

When Isaiah heard and saw this, he said he was a man of unclean lips. Was that his main sin, or was there some other reason he said this? That may have been his main sin, but here is what Jesus had to say:

Matthew 12:34 (GNB) "You snakes-how can you say good things when you are evil? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of."

Whatever is in your heart is what will come out of your mouth. Sin starts in the heart then comes out in the actions that we take. When we see how completely sinless God is, we can see how sinful we are. Isaiah saw this and confessed this. The angel touched the hot coal to Isaiah's lips, which symbolized the cleansing of his lips or heart. Isaiah's sins had been forgiven because he saw he was sinful and confessed that he was a sinful man and all the people he lived with were sinful. He realized that no person is sinless.

God then didn't ask Isaiah to go for him but asked who would go for him. Isaiah was filled with awe and had just been cleansed. He wanted to go do whatever God wanted him to do.

WE do need to see God as a friend who will provide what we need but we also need to see God as the Holy, Almighty God. WE need to see our sinfulness so that we can confess it and be forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ. Then we need to be ready to do what God wants us to do, go and make disciples, take care of the poor, whatever He puts on your heart.

By Dean Masters


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