Keep You Balance -- Annettee Budzban

"For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and  fully accomplish the will of God, and thus carry away (and enjoy to the full) what is promised." (Hebrews 10:36) AMP
In Nursing School we took weekly exams. Each week we scrambled to sign up because the prime time spots were taken up quickly.  If you missed your exam time, finding a replacement spot was almost impossible.  With this in mind, when my friend had a mishap shortly before our exam, she was not going home.

My friend was wearing her brand new, expensive, beautiful, burgundy colored boots, with their two and a-half inch heels.  When the heel fell off of one of her boots, she was literally caught off balance.  But, she decided that she would hobble into our exam on one heel.

I was sitting at my desk with my pencil in hand, trying to get in the right frame of mind to answer the questions that were before me. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye . . .   I looked up to get a better view . . .   I couldn't believe the sight I saw. 

It was my friend walking up the aisle. She was missing not only one heel from her boots – but both!  I couldn't stop laughing inside. My whole body was shaking, I was chuckling so hard. Can you imagine how the curve on the bottom of her boot looked, as it conformed to the two and some half inch heels that were missing?  She had to be walking on her toes inside of them.  I wondered how she kept her balance so well.  Why didn't she just take them off and walk in her stocking feet?  These questions raced through my mind, as I sat there trying to compose myself. Her feat still amazes me to this day.

There was a beauty to behold from this sight; for I saw my friend's perseverance.  She would not allow any loss to stop her from taking that exam. She was determined to advance in life.  I saw how the broken heels, represent the broken areas of our lives. That during those times of hurt and disappointment, we need to keep our balance in God's Principles, of perseverance and steadfastness; continuing to walk in Christ's character  . . .   No matter what we face.  Just as my friend walked down that aisle, unshaken and unmoved by her adverse circumstance. 
My friend knew what her boots were created to do.  She wasn't going to let anything stop her.  She kept her balance, as she walked, for all she was worth!

Annettee Budzban