According to the Book of Hebrews Jesus is all of the following:

Heb. 1:2: Heir of all things

Heb. 1:3:
The Creator
God's chief spokesperson of the New Covenant
The brightness of God's glory

Heb. 1:4:
The express image of God
The upholder of all things
Our sin purger
Possessor of the Inheritance:

Heb. 1:5: The Son of God

Heb. 1:6: The first born of many brethren

Heb. 1:8:
Worshipped by angels
Making His ministers a flame of fire

Heb 1:9:
King of a righteous kingdom
Possessor of the oil of gladness

Heb. 1:13: The authority over His enemies

Heb. 2:3: First demonstrator of the Gospel

Heb. 2:6: The Son of Man

Heb. 2:7: Crowned with glory and honor

Heb. 2:10
Set over the works of God's hands
Author of our salvation

Heb. 2:11:
First cause of all things
Bringer of many sons to glory
He who sanctifies

Heb. 2:13:
Our brother
The one we trust

Heb. 2:14:
The one to whom we belong
A partaker of flesh and blood

Heb. 2:15
Destroyer of death & the Devil
Releaser of the fear of death
Releaser of lifetime bondage

Heb. 2:16: The one who gives aid

Heb. 2:17: Merciful

Heb. 2:18:
High priest forever over the house of God
Atoner and bearer of our sins
Sufferer of temptation in the flesh

Heb. 3:1
An aid to the tempted
Apostle and high priest of our confession

Heb. 3:2: Faithful to God

Heb. 3:3: Worthy of glory

Heb. 3:6:
The builder of the house of faith
Master of the house

Heb. 3:7: The one who speaks to us

Heb. 4:16: Giver of mercy and grace in time of need

Heb. 7:2: Our forerunner King of peace & righteousness

Heb. 7:22: Surety of a better Covenant

Heb. 7:25: Savior to the uttermost

Heb. 7:26:
Our intercessor

Heb. 8:2:
Higher than the heavens
Minister of the sanctuary and the true tabernacle

Heb. 8:6: Obtainer of a more excellent ministry

Heb. 9:12: Obtainer of eternal redemption

Heb. 9:14: Our sacrifice

Heb. 9:16, 10:7: Doer of the Father's will

Heb. 9:24: Seated at the right hand of the Father

Heb. 10:10: Our perfector

Heb. 10:14: Remover of need for further offering for sin

Heb. 10:19-20: Concentrator of the new & living way into the holiest place

Heb. 10:22: Remover of an evil conscience

Heb. 12:2: Author and finisher of our faith

Heb. 13:8:
Endurer of suffering and shame
The same yesterday today and forever

Heb. 13:20: The Great Shepherd of the sheep

Heb. 13:21: Completer of every good work in us to do His will

Dale Tooley
Hasten The Light Ministries