"These trials are to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure." (1 Peter 1:7 NLT)

It's hard for us to perceive that God uses adversity for our good. However, I have a glimpse of this understanding as I think about the time I worked at the clinic administering immunizations to infants and toddlers.

While I drew up the fluid from the vial to fill the syringe for their injection, each parent tried their best to calm their child's fears and steady them for the procedure. As I took the sharp needle and punctured a small whole through their tender layer of skin and tissue, they let out screams of terror. Their tears filled eyes and quivering lips pierced my heart. However, there was no way I could explain to these young ones that this was for their good. Due to their limited understanding, no amount of words could help them comprehend that the serum in this injection contained antibodies to save their life.

Oftentimes, when the procedure was over, I gently stroked their shoulder to comfort them. Most of them responded by withdrawing from me. They wanted nothing to do with a woman they perceived only brought them pain.

When trouble and adversity comes our way, it leaves the sting of pain in our mind and emotions. Oftentimes, we look to God with tear filled eyes and cries of confusion wondering how He could let this happen to us. Sometimes, we respond like a frightened and hurt child and withdraw from God. But God wants our trust. He uses these circumstances to draw us closer to Him and strengthen our faith.

Oftentimes, our adverse circumstances cause us to feel weak-willed and unable to carry on. We're not sure we have enough faith to make it. But think about the fact that each day we have the faith the sun will come up and go down, and that there will be air available for us to breath. If we trust God to do these things, we can trust Him to come through for us in our uncertain times. To overcome adversity we must stand firm bundled in the blanket of our faith.

Annettee Budzban