In the twilight years, I am discovering so many teachers of the Word who are younger in age and more mature in their walk than when my candles on the cake were far less than they are now. It is a joy to see these men and women full of enthusiasm for God and so in tune with His Word. 

There was a lack of purpose in my youthful relationship with the Lord. No blame assigned. I had the same opportunities as the youth of today, and Jesus said that we are blessed when we hunger and thirst after righteousness. I was nurtured in the love of God by my parents. The lives of my parents demonstrated the basics to me, even from the cradle. 

Stick-to-it-iveness was not my strong suit and I was overwhelmed by personal desires and then discovered later in life that they were a smokescreen which grieved the heart of God.  Yet He loved me and lifted the veil of fog and set me free. I was already a recipient of His redeeming love, but He made me aware of my self life and I knew that I had to deal with that. 

I still have so much of self on my plate, but He is helping me to tackle it. I am aware that this will be a continuing battle until Jesus comes to redeem us - forever to be with Him. And all of God’s children sing Hallelujah! 

Each new day is a reminder that He has tossed all of my sins into the deepest part of the ocean. One of my all time favorite love songs of the past is “How Deep Is The Ocean?” It speaks of the depth of my love for my husband and others who have made my life a success through the ministry of friendship, encouragement, personal sacrifice, telling it like it is and, in many cases, unconditional love. In the Spiritual, "how deep is the ocean" of God’s love says to me that "if I ascend into heaven, He is there ... if I make my bed in hell, He is there.” (Psalm 139) 

I can deep dive with the most sophisticated equipment available and then sit on the bottom of the deepest ocean and I will find my sins there, along with a sign, "No Fishing." Amazing! 

If I had a business with a letterhead, it would be emblazoned with: “and such were some of you.” (1 Corinthians 6:11) 

Esther Kennedy