If you make an agreement with somebody about something that is to be done, you want it to stick. You don’t want it to come undone half way through so you choose carefully with whom you make an agreement.

The strength of the agreement is not in the agreement, it is in the partners who make it so you make it with somebody who is like-minded, somebody who understands your aims and agrees with them.

Some years ago we built our dream home and we invested it heavily with time and emotion. We were making a dwelling for us that would present an image of the type of people we are so we had to be in agreement about our aims and needs.

It was a very ordinary house, not a mansion or a showpiece or anything glamorous, but a place that would be a reflection of our lives and in harmony with our surroundings.

We were reminded that, once we committed to building it, we could not alter the plan. It must proceed as set out.

God planned a similar building and the partnership was Father, Creator and Holy Spirit, There is no stronger partnership and it is on the strength of that partnership, God built His dream home, Genesis 1:26.

On such a partnership, the agreement was surely made to stick and not be altered. It was even signed in blood, the blood of the Creator, Revelation 13:8.

Can you imagine how beautiful such a home must be? I see it quite often and am in awe of such an amazing home.

Have you noticed it lately? I hope so because you, says Paul, are that building. 1st Corinthians 3:9-11.

Elizabeth Price