"For you created my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." (Ps. 139: 13-14)

Last night, we attended a concert by the Austrailian youth group "United" and I tell you it was an awesome, marvelous display of the anointing and power of God seen in humble lives heeding the call of the Lord and using their God Given talent for the extension of his kingdom. From the start, the team made it clear that this is about "Jesus " and not about them. I was blessed beyond measure at how the Lord can use available young people to be a blessing to the nations.

The ultimate desire as young people in God's kingdom should be, to make a difference in this world that you are living in and your zeal must be to bring God's presence to a hurting world. No child ever born is a mistake because God does not make mistakes.  He has planned you from the beginning to be part of his kingdom and in his destined path for you, you will see his marvelous light.

How important am I to God? Young people are the apple of God's eye and they are vital to the church ministry as God searches from among them, the generation to continue his work and enlarge his kingdom here on earth.  God looks not at the outward appearance but he searches your heart and from within you, he finds his servant.

God is a loving father .Someone you can love and trust.  Someone who is worthy of absolute loyalty and commitment.  Everyone at one time or another gives serious thought to the question of who God is and what he is like. I believe God has created us to be just like him. He has created us to love each other, to be secure and confident in his outstretched, safe arms. Many times, our selfishness and hurt prevent us from being the person God has intended us to be. The fact that God loved us first before we loved him and he loves us with an everlasting love should be enough to free you from carnality and heal you from your hurt.

Jesus' death was not inflicted upon him by cruel men .No; he went to the cross by choice for you and I. How marvelous he is and how special we should feel to know that the Son of God left his throne on high to ensure us having a place with him for eternity. Many young people in this present age are spiritual orphans, lonely, confused and separated. Right now, maybe you don't want to hear about God .I tell you the heart of the Father beats for you, he longs to heal you and wants to make you whole .We live in a performance orientated society where based on who you are, you are loved. The world offers you love based on condition but God delights in your uniqueness.

God offers you love unconditionally, he has always loved you, even in your rebellious state, he loves you and waits for you to come to him. The amazing heart of the Father is that he doesn't expect you to be perfect, just be honest and tell him your weaknesses and he will give you grace and power to help you overcome in Jesus name.

You need to take the first step and look specifically at what has hurt you. Don't allow those hurts to block God out and prevent yourself from being healed. The greatest revelation of God in his word is that God is your Father. Maybe your earthly Father has let you down; your heavenly Father wants to lift you up. Your place is between the shoulders of God resting and being quieted by his love. The desire of God is to be intimately involved with you in a personal relationship and he wants to be part of each and every detail of your life. Decide to place your life, hopes, dreams and aspirations in Jesus' hands, and you are actually placing yourself in hands that promise you great success.

Today, prophetically declare your heritage in Christ. Shout it out from every mountain top so that every demon and principality will hear that I am a Royal Priesthood, I am A Chosen Generation and I am A Peculiar People. You are your Father's child. No enemy can touch you. Renew your mindset by being washed by the blood of Jesus and give your heart to the Father. Don't let the devil lie to you that you shrink away from God's perfect love for you, a love that surpasses all human understanding. That he would die in your place. You are so precious to Christ that heaven will not be complete without you.

Maybe on the surface, you feel if God is so real in my life, and loves me so much, then why has he allowed me to get hurt. It isn't God that has failed you in any way, but instead those around you. When you think about it seriously, in all those moments of great achievements and in all those moments of deep sadness, the Lord was with you. He watched you cry, he shared your joy, he calmed your sadness and he mended your broken heart.

You need to enter by faith into the family of God. Look past all religious pretensions and forgive those failures of people who have rejected you and stand amazed as Behold the Father of Life is beckoning you to come that he may give you life and the abundance thereof.  You have a fantastic blessing of dwelling between the shoulders of God. You are God's greatest treasure and he will always be your doting Father.

Whoever you become before the eyes of man, the greatest achiever or the most prestigious socialite, you will never cease to be more or less than a child in the arms of your heavenly Father. God's greatest creation is yet to be unfold in his perfect love that has been knitted in you.

Come ......He is waiting for you.

Hazel Moodley