Once we pass Salvation , our lives take a major change of re-routing. The road we were once on has now got to change to the road, Christ destined for us.  The blueprint of God's plan for our lives is Redemption, Righteousness and Worship.  In order to fulfill each of these steps, we need to progress and mature into the stepping stone God has placed beneath our feet.  Immaturity cannot see what maturity sees.  In each of these progressive stages, discipline and a way life is nurtured.  Once stage can not be attained without the other. After redemption, we put on Jesus garments of righteousness and only then can we become true worshippers in spirit and in truth.

The books of Timothy and Titus were the pastoral epistles which underline the basic requirements of God's servants.  Much is required from the servants of God and much will be rewarded.  1 Tim 3 vs 1-13 very simply explains the physical characteristics required for a servant of God.  Much to my amazement about these verses, we find that an overseer should be one of noble character, husband of one wife, temperate , self controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkeness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.  He must manage his money well and see that his household is in order (that his children are obedient to him).  Further to say he must not be a new convert.

This seems like a mouthful and a tall order from the Lord to his servants yet God, in all his glory knows exactly what is required for the body of Christ to function without loopholes for the devil to needle his way through.

Each of us that fall under the anointing of leading and ministering must at all times ensure that we as God's servants keep the standard of God.  When we obey the voice of God , we must not lead compromised lives.

This day , you must choose whom you will serve.  Choose Christ, that you may have life.  The days of playing church are long over.  Humbly obeying the call means a life of dedicated service according to God's word.  Yet a life of rich rewards and great and mighty works in Jesus name.

Jesus wants the best for his kingdom and unless we see ourselves as the best, then only can we completely be saturated as a worker with the deepest praise.  A life of worship to honor the king.  I remember the other day, I asked my daughter on the way to the store  what she wanted.  She replied saying, "mummy please buy me a packet of Nik Naks" and immediately this thought struck me with this response.  Here I am her mum, willing to buy her anything she wants because she is mine and the love I have for her, no amount of possessions or money can match up to, and all she asks is for a packet of chips.

The profound thought behind this scenario depicts us when we go before the Lord.  Here is a Father in heaven who loves us more than any of his other creations, with resources that are unlimited and willing to give us whatever we ask for that is good and pleasing before him and what do we do, we limit him within the boundaries of our limitations.

Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

Moses said to the Lord, if you do not go with me then I will not go. This work you are in does not belong to you because these are God's people and God's work.  You don't work for the leadership in the church, you work under their authority in submission but you work unto the Lord.  If there is anyone of you out there feeling tried and tested, feeling a little discouraged, know that Jesus has given you the keys to the kingdom with all authority on earth as it is in heaven.  Whatsoever you bind on earth, so shall it be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loosen on earth so shall it be loosened in heaven.

If you are tired, Jesus promises you rest.  If you are brokenhearted, Jesus promises you comfort.  If you are depressed, Jesus promises to lift you up.  If you are sad, Jesus promises you joy.  If you are feeling far away from the Lord, Jesus wants to bring you back.  If you are feeling lost , Jesus wants to direct you.

However, you his servant feels today, Jesus has the answer.  Much is required of you who work to bring in the harvest but much will be rewarded when you endure until the very end.  Don't work as if this is the first day of the rest of your life, work as if this is the last day of the rest of your life.

God bless you all, ye servants of the cross.

Hazel Moodley