The bible speaks of three types of love: the love of God for man, man's love for God, and love between men. In john 4:8, we are told that "God" is Love. This means that love is rooted in the very personality of God that no thought about God can be adequate which does not take in to account his boundless love. God's love is expressed in his election of and longsuffering attitude toward Israel. Its supreme manifestation is, of course, his sending of his Son to die, for our sins, that we might have life everlasting (John 3:16; Rom., 5:8). Man's love for God arises in response to and out of gratitude for this love which he has received through no merit of his own. This same gratitude and sense of his unworthiness of the gift of grace moves Christian’s man to love of other men. This love is directed not only to one's friends--for even the Pharisees love their friends-- but also to those who have no worth of their own to deserve such love, even to one's enemies. It is to be specially manifested toward the fellow members of the Redeemed community, for it is love which identifies them as God's children. Without love, no human community, regardless of the name it wears or the prestige it enjoys, can claim to be the church of Jesus Christ.

Let us ask ourselves what motivates the action of the Good Samaritan.


But love has been defined so many times, and so many times selfishly. Here is love without expectation. We do not even find records that the Good Samaritan thought that he was going to receive some reward for his deed in the hereafter. He simply acted out of the compulsion of the needs of another Soul with whom he identified, perhaps saying to himself "there but for the grace of God’s lay I, the hapless victim of robbers, naked and wounded. I will do what I can for him."

Love to be truly. Love must begin with the love of self in the sense of self-appreciation. One must have the sense that one is of some worth and therefore worthy to be loved. If one Judges oneself unworthy, of no value to God or man, then the self-love that ought to be willing turns to a self-hatred.

Only if a man can Love himself, can he love his neighbor. Only if he can love his neighbor, can he love his God. And if a man hates himself, he will hate both his neighbor and his God. Therefore Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as, Thyself"_, i.e., as though he was, Thyself and as though he was Thy Real Self.

Was Jesus the last Christian? Jesus loved his Father and was obedient to his father. (John, 15:10. If ye keep my commandments, ye will abide in my love; Even as I have kept my father's commandments, and abide in his love. (John, 15:13) Greater love hath, no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (1John, 4:8) He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. Ninth verse In this was manifested the love of GOD toward us, because that god sent his only begotten son into the world, that we might live through him. 10th verse. Herein is love, not that we loved God, but because he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. A Christian died for our sins. Yet these sins continue. Was Jesus the only Christian to love God?

Why don't we know this love Jesus spoke about? Is it because we don't and can't know this love? Is it because we don't love ourselves? To know God is to know love. The greatest commandment, I repeat is: "To love your neighbor as thyself." Matt. 19:19 Honor thy Father and thy Mother and thou shalt Love thy neighbour as thyself. Which is the first commandment with promise? Do we love ourselves? How do we come to the kind of love Jesus Spoke about? "This spiritual Love." Is it something we can see with our eyes? A Physical love? Is it some that Power, prestige and money bring? If money could buy love, The rich man would live and the poor man would die. No it’s a non-conditional love between the Father and Son. We as humans have a tendency to look upon mans material worth, physical attributes as what we love. Always judging a book by the cover.

Do we love our family, our neighbor and our church members? If we don't love our neighbor, not just our next door neighbor, but our neighbor regardless of, where they reside in the world. Regardless of race or skin color or national origin. Remember "Love the sinner but the sin." God created everything and everything was good, including man. You must love the man, but dislike his actions or ways. So for you to love God you must love his creation. What is Gods creation? The Heavens, the Earth the Waters, the Animals and Man and everything that was created including . Did God create Satan? Yes! God created everything and everything is his. Should we love Satan? The commandment of Jesus was to love your enemy.

Isn't our enemy? Your enemy could be your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother.

What is the Royal commandment? The Royal commandment is” Love God with all your mind, body and soul. Love your neighbor as thyself." Do we love ourselves? Do we love our neighbor? If we answer yes to both questions then you can love God. If you don't love yourself, how can you love God or man (your neighbor). For you to love God you must first love yourself. If there is no love for thyself or your fellow man then God does not dwell inside of you. God does not live where there is sin. If there are evil thoughts, confusions, discord, Fussin' and fightin', arguin', backbiting or any kind of ill feelings toward anyone regardless of belief, race, color or national origin.

What is sin? The voluntary or willful departure of an individual from a custom prescribed by divine law or society in general; wickedness; a transgression; an offense against any standard: a sin against community standards. People are dead in sin. Until you are reborn, you can't ever know the love of God. What are reborn or rebirths? Reborn, Rebirth is Regeneration. Regeneration Act or condition of a rebirth; spiritual revival, rebirth, renewal, or recreation. The difference between natural life and life ‘In Christ‘ is so striking that Jesus described the transition as a radical renewal, a new creation, a being “born again,‘ a regeneration. This regeneration is not a second natural birth, but a being “begotten from above” by God’s Holy Spirit. A new birth not a natural birth. Baptism is associated with the rebirth, washing off the old sins and being clothed in the Holy Spirit. Rebirth is to come again. Come again with a new aptitude. A new attitude towards life and your fellow man. To wash off the old filth and put a newness in your heart and mind. You would not put pigs in your parlor. In a white room with white carpet and white furniture. A filthy pig is no different than wicked, strange, thieving or Ill, conceived thoughts. If your thoughts are filthy, its no different than having a bunch of pigs living in the house, in which you dwell. Your thoughts have a dwelling place, it’s in your mind. A clean mind. Clean thoughts. A filthy mind. Filthy thoughts. Matt. 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say onto you, that ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man will sit in the throne of his glory, ye will sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

The only way to know God is to be regenerated into a new life. Being raised from sins death. Water used in Baptism represents washing the body clean of all filth ( sin) and clothing it with the Holy Spirit and making it new again (rebirth). This question was asked in the beginning, Was Jesus the last Christian?

 Anwar Aswad Amir