The River of God -- By Hazel Moodley

"The River of God sets my feet to dancing, the river of God fills my heart with song……….we rejoice for the River is here.”

A mothers heart delights in sheer abundance when in the steps of her child lies the laughter of the Lord. The words above are a song we sing at our church. My daughter Hailey was singing this song triumphantly above her highest vocal cord and when I peeped into the room, her face lit up and her feet continued dancing and her song filled the entire house.

I was amazed at the impactual nature of the majesty of Christ and the glory of his resurrection as it flowed like the river scooping up everyone with it. The river of salvation and the mighty gushing of the Father’s everlasting love sweep everything in its path bringing cleansing, refreshing and new birth. "Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life - water as clear as crystal - pouring out from the throne of God and of the Lamb, flowing down the middle of the city’s main street. On each side of the river is the tree of life producing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month of the year." (Revelation 22:1) 

Whenever I look at the river, the significance of the water and the presence of the Holy Spirit commemorates the awesome burden breaking, yolk destroying power that elevates sons and daughters of the most high to their designed, positional blessing. The sanctification of Gods Word and the truth of his power bring forth rivers of living waters from his children of promise and covenant, which are you and I. We are the extension of God’s river wherever we place our feet, to refresh the weary, encourage the despondent and to build the broken. The rushing of the waters quickens us to reach the lost. The world is dying and people are hungry for truth. The spiritual vacuum existing in families and individuals should be the concern of all God’s people.

God’s river is contagious, sweeping over the nation.  His Holy Spirit is the agent and we are the vessels of newness. The devil has people bound in shattered dreams, past failures and no hope. When we pass by, we need to sweep across all lives significantly and leave the greatest imprint in hearts of a risen saviour and an “Abba Father”. A God of mercy and grace, a God who loves his people, A God who has purposely designed every person, fashioned them in uniqueness to rise up to their full potential in him. We are the signboards that direct wayward sons to heaven. Let us be the river flowing from the throne of God and as our rivulets nourish all the fields around us, bringing forth fruit not just in season but also all year round. Our lives need to be transparent, as clear as crystal through all circumstances. The reflection of Christ manifested in our ways. Thoughts, deeds and actions.

Let's set the feet of the world dancing to the tunes of the Almighty, and the laughter of world, a sweet aroma to the very courts of the Lord.

Be an extension of the mighty river of God and sweep in souls drying out without direction and purpose.

Hazel Moodley