I actually wrote the beginnings of this over a year ago. I was looking for something to write, and this struck a chord with me. No matter your endeavor, this concept works in ministry and business. In a few discussions with aspiring ministers, it dawned on me the thing that I often see lacking is the right kind of thinking for ministry. Over a period of time I have found many to have numerous positive traits, but this one area of thought causes me to see, “Ministry Under Construction” signs for a while.

I have come to this conclusion because of how they see others. Many times, because someone voices a call to ministry they see themselves as an “enlightened” one that has a keen gift, and often that gift is criticism. It is amazing that little effort is made and has very little mercy is demonstrated. Many times assistant pastors get frustrated with the man they are assisting because they are slow to deal with problems. However, when the Shepherds Rod is in their hand, may they also have a shepherds heart.

What kind of brain do we think with? A Sheep Brain, or a Shepherds? The essence of true ministry is found in how we see those around us. We reveal our mentality this way.

The question that must be asked, "Have we transitioned from a sheep to shepherd?"

Or a Shepherds Heart?

The great example, Jesus modeled ministry to his “chosen” ones. Notice his interaction. He went out of his way to interact with them. He went out of his way to answer their questions. He went out of his way to help them understand their purpose. He put up with stupid questions and petty rivalries. We see in his interaction with those the God had given him. We know multitudes followed, but Jesus referred to his disciples as those his Father had given him. Jesus understood he may have been a Prophet and even Messiah to the nations; however he was a shepherd to this rag tag group of “ministries under construction.” Jesus understood the importance of developing sheep into shepherds.

I have little patience with critical people. However, I have seen how God will bring people like this into my life for two reasons. To model ministry to and to demonstrate I still have a "Shepherds Heart.". I can have a sheep brain and write them off, or I can model proper ministry. I make no guarantee on the end result, but I do have power to help them become what God has called them to be.

Our great need today is for Ministries not to be Sheep Brained. We must understand while we may Preach and teach to the Church, God will give to every man with a "Shepherds Heart" someone to develop into a shepherd, that still thinks like a sheep.

The difference in sheep and shepherds.

Sheep follow what is immediately in front of them.

Shepherds see where they are going.

Sheep have little conscience of the need of others.

Shepherds understand the well being of the flock is their responsibility.

Imagine how difficult it was for Jesus to wash the feet of petty, doubtful, fickle and simple disciples? I think even today, Jesus plays this role in our lives. He is still modeling ministry to us if we can see it. My thought today, If I am going to be like Jesus, Who's feet am I going to wash? I know I may be a "Man of God", but am I really a Shepherd like Jesus?

Look at Sampson.

Without a doubt he had a tremendous anointing of Strength. However because he never understood his mission, all of his exploits sprang from self saving and serving missions. Notice the only thing he ever did with his anointing of strength was destruction. I wonder what Sampson would have been, if he could have been a Shepherd minded man, rather than just a dumb sheep? Could it be that Sampson never had true ministry modeled to him, so the result was this waste of ministry?

When you come across sheep brained people, our response demonstrates what kind of brain and heart we have.


Just Thinking,

In Him, By Him, Through Him,

Scott Phillips