Stand up, stand up for Jesus, you servants of the cross ............

Every time I sing the lyrics of this song, I feel in my spirit the depth of God's marvelous plan for us his children to stand tall, with heads lifted up to heaven , and hearts bowed down to the King of Kings and lives reflecting his glory.

Servants of the Cross, Wow what a wonderful position to have.  Doesn't every fibre of your being stand to attention in pure delight as we relish in this place in our lives.  The greatest blessings in our lives are contributed entirely to what we sow in the lives of others.  This extraordinary principle of sowing as taught by Jesus to his disciples show us instinctively, the benefits and blessings attained from lives when one takes the time to invest unconditionally.

Today I write to parents and leaders throughout the Kingdom of God and I tell you, let no one despise the youth but with prayer and supplication bring this generation before the Lord upholding them in Jesus' presence that the devil may not snatch them out off the plans God has for them.

The greatest legacy ever left are the ones left imprinted in the lives of others. The reason why Jesus impacted lives before the cross was due to Him, always being interested in lives.  Our young people want someone to listen to them, to love them, to accept them, to understand them and above all to believe in them.  This is the generation that curse its mother and father, so parents the curse upon this generation is a binding spirit of rebellion that has its claws stuck into our children.  How many times, we walk pass our kids without a second glance or good word about their achievements but yet let them make a mistake, we take hours to show them our disapproval and punish them.

Fathers, mothers, leadership, let not your hearts be hardened, when you do to the least of them, you do as unto the Lord.  The Servants that carry the cross now need to invest and disciple new recruits for God's kingdom.  It is in sowing that we reap, in giving that we receive, in planting that a harvest is ready.

The labourers are many but the workers are lazy and afraid to disciple. Far too long, we are afraid of teaching, afraid to lose our position but yet we promised Jesus that we would win souls for him.

Go out into the world, train the young people with the same fervour that someone invested in your life. Yes we are in a race but not to win against each other. We are running different lanes with different gifts and talents so instead of being afraid of being overtaken, how about running for Jesus and taking as many runners along as possible.

The only way, we as individuals in God's kingdom can stand and be counted is by what we deposit into the lives of others.  I see vast plantations of trees ready to be watered and from every tree nurtured, God promises you a harvest of fruit that will bring Glory to his matchless name and destroy the devils kingdom.

When you look at this generation of youth, look for those precious gems with the eyes of Jesus and in turn you will bring out the Royal priesthood, Peculiar people and chosen generation that they are .

I could never tell how much it cost to see my sins upon that cross so with the same measure of love that Christ loved us, let us love our children and young people that one day the love of Christ invested in them will be reinvested in other lives .

Then we can stand up and be counted among the multitudes for Jesus......

God Bless you

Hazel Moodley
Durban - South Africa