The Reluctant Traveler -- By Wynona Gordon

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." (1 John 4:18  NIV)

Boots, aka Tommy, was the resident cat back in 1949, when my family moved from one state to another. Boots watched the process of packing, having our belongings loaded into a van and, yes, even the suitcases that came out.  Boots DID NOT LIKE TO TRAVEL, and he didn't like to travel 'A LOT'! He hated it so much that on the last morning before we got into our car with the dog, the fish and the bird, he managed to escape and disappear.  We searched for him u, but no Kitty Kat Boots appeared.

It was a good day's journey from our old home to the new one and we couldn't spend a lot of time looking for the recalcitrant Boots, so with much sorrow for the whole family and many tears from me, we started toward our new home without Boots. Only a few hours later, Boots returned and a kind neighbor took care of him until my uncle could put him in a crate and ship him via rail to his new home.

Now I am sure riding in a boxcar on a train in January was much scarier and uncomfortable than traveling with the family in the car, but Boots had made his choice.

How often are we faced with scary experiences and are tempted to run and hide?  Perhaps you have the need to present a bad report card to your parents or to confess some wrong-doing to your friends.  Or maybe you avoid going to the doctor because you are afraid of what he/she might find.  Friends, it is better to face up to the unknown and let God be in control; or you might - like Boots - find yourself in far worse conditions.

Wynona Gordon