The Thoughtfully Diligent -- By John Bonventre

"The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness: but he that is hasty, only to want." (Prov. 21:5)

What are you thinking? Yes, right now! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Are you spending your time thinking about yourself, your day, your routine and all that is involved and evolves around YOU? Most of us do, Christian and sinner alike. We tend to be so " into ourselves that we view the needs of any other person or situation that arises as an inconvenience. Look at our scripture text. The thoughts of the diligent. God is very concerned about your thoughts. Your thought life can aid your walk with God or hinder and set-back your eternal relationship. 

So many than not, we focus our thoughts on internal, or temporal things. Now I understand we all have to work, make a living ,and are responsible for many things. Probably too many. But , where is our "center of focus"? It should be upon JESUS!! You can do a lot of things and still meditate and focus on God and His word. Why? Well, for one reason from our tent. Diligent thinking upon God and His word lead to PLENTEOUSNESS, profit . Yes, focusing our thoughts on God is very profitable. 1Corinthians 2:14 tells us that The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God. Now think about that for a minute. You can focus your mind on your job or activities, and still remained mediating and focused on God in the heart. 

Your heart thoughts are what really matter to God and LIFE! If we set ourselves to think diligently upon God the end result is plenty, profit. Isaiah 26:3 states: I will keep him in "perfect peace" whose mind is "stayed" upon thee. The word for peace in the Hebrew is Shalom. With it's varies meanings one of which is abundance, profit and prosperity. WOW, isn't that a wonderful promise? The literal Hebrews says I will keep him in peace -peace. God says if you keep your mind, thoughts and imaginations "DILIGENTLY" upon Him he assures you of peace X two. 

Just to have peace is profit in itself. But this only comes to the consistently diligent. To be diligent originally means: sharp pointed, strict in decision, determined, earnest and eager. Set your thoughts diligently in order first and for most upon GOD and His WORD and the end result of your life will be profit. We all want to profit. God's profit is eternal. Profit in every area of your life. That's a promise. God says it. 


Bro. John Bonventre