Without Walls -- By John Stuart

"Run, tell that young man, 'Jerusalem will be a city without walls..." (Zecharia 2:4a)

Years ago, Evelyn and I visited the city of York, in England. It's a beautiful place and has a rich historical past. Yorkminster Cathedral is an amazing mediaeval building and as you walk into it, you can hear every sound resonate across the centuries old stone work. The stained glass windows are awe-inspiring and you can feel the sacred presence of God's holiness throughout the sanctuary.

The city also has some great walls, which were strategically placed to ward off invaders, usually the Scots from the North. These walls are massive, made of gigantic stones of great height and several yards of length. Throughout the history of the British Isles, York was the scene of several sieges and battles, the outcome of which, ultimately shaped the people and parliament of the entire nation.

When Zechariah talks about Jerusalem being a city without walls, he's stating that one day, when God's kingdom is firmly established, there will be no need for defense and that God's people and all the people of the earth will come and go freely. It will be time of great hope and peace, freedom and love.

For us Christians, we are challenged to live our lives without walls. Christ does this when he commands us to love another and especially our enemies. There are to be no walls or barriers, no hindrances or obstacles in our way when it comes to having compassion on those we detest or who have disappointed us.

In other words, we are to be open to helping all and not just those whom we deem as worthy of giving help, assistance, care and support.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, take down the walls of pride and prejudice that we place over our hearts. Remind us that we are all unworthy of Your grace, because You have torn down the walls between us and God. Keep us mindful of what we say and actually do. Help us to help those who cannot help themselves and to show love to those who hurt and disappoint us. In Your Holy Name, we pray. Amen.

John Stuart