An Andrew Thing

As my husband says, ants always seem to find me and, I have a fascination with them. They are pretty interesting insects. I’ve written about them a couple of other times and how I can never seem to be rid of them.

This morning they were in the sink. I could not tell whether they were coming out of the drain, or coming from high in the closet under the door frame. There was a steady stream in both directions. So I put a dot of my handy dandy ant poison liquid near the sink stopper.

In no time there were miniscule ants climbing all over each other to get to the tiny pool. When they had whatever their tiny selves could hold, they were in a major hurry to get it back to wherever they came from .

The mission: take their new treasure and share it with others. Reminds me of Mission Impossible, “Should you choose to accept this mission..........”

It is kind of like an “Andrew thing”. They could just not wait to share with others what they had found. Not that it was a good find. It was not. Yet their enthusiasm and energy was every bit as unflagging as if it were something of value, not something that was going to make them sick and even kill them.

This morning, with the ants, was a good reminder to me to rekindle zeal to practice the ‘Andrew thing, and share the Gospel with others, because…. That is the Good News!

Sally I. Kennedy

©2009 Irish Thursdays Weekly Devotionals