Dare to Believe -- By Hazel Moodley

Make way, make way, clear out, do not disturb Him, He needs to get through. The disciples could cry that from the very deepest voice, blow it from the loudest horn or scream it from the mountain tops but nothing would stop the crowds from pressing themselves against him, touching him, following him and crying out to him.  The son of God walked through the crowds of hurt and healed them, walked through the valley of oppression and delivered them, was walking through the lost to save them.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I want you to heal me, I want you to bless me, I want you to deliver me, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the crowds cried out as the SON of GOD walked among them. Sandwiched between the Gerasenes deliverance and on his way to raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead , SHE had a GOD WOMEN, a GOD ENCOUNTER, A GOD EXPERIENCE and A GOD CATAPULT from unclean to clean, from broken to whole, from abandoned to redeemed, from disregarded to noticed, from nothing to something and from forgotten to be mentioned that she DARE to touch Him.

What made a woman touch a man, an unclean touch a clean or a repulsed touch the anointed? She was desperate enough to let no-one stand in her way. Nothing would stop her from breaking through. She was not going to let this moment pass. This heart wrenching account of a woman who had spent all her means trying to be healed. She was according to the Mosaic law "unclean" and was an outcast of society, just the same as any leper. It would have meant she could not lay with her husband, indeed she couldn't touch anyone or anything without the object of her touch becoming unclean. This all because of a physical illness. She was probably also totally deprived of company and people to talk to. She was a terribly desperate and lonely woman. So when she saw Jesus and reached out and touched the fringe of Jesus garment, she was doing something she wasn't allowed to do. Technically she had made Jesus unclean. That is why she was not quick to own up, when Jesus asked who touched me?

Something happened that made her go against the odds at all cost. Something triggered her to lay at His feet so that her life will never be the same again. Something happened when she took her focus off her issue and looked to the Rapha. Something happened when she bowed before her God. She will never be the same again. One moment in his presence and history wrote her story.

She pressed through the crowds, she crawled past the limitations and she entered His presence. He knew her from the moment she touched Him. She met Him and He changed her destiny. She searched for Him, she saw Him coming, she got close enough to Him to touch His authority and when she left, she was restored.

I don’t know her name but I see her heart , I don’t know her pain but I marvel at her determination, I can’t understand her plight but O glorious faith was her banner. This woman chose to believe him before he healed her and she reached out to him while he was near. She interrupted him, stopped his journey, took a moment to get his attention and her faith made her whole. She didn’t look for much or even want him to notice her, she just had to get close enough to touch the hem of his garment. The Jews believe that the tassels on their garments were woven and knotted in a way that it reminded the man to obey all 613 of God's commands in the Torah and that the greatest command was "Jehovah is one. She reached out to the Word and the truth set her free.  She touched the word and the resurrected power of God was released.

What an imprint of faith journeyed that road when Jesus walked by.

Touching Jesus is all that matters and your life will never be the same and there is only one way to touch him, just believe when you call on His name. Don’t be afraid, just believe.

Have faith that cast mountains into the sea and have courage that stops crowds. Have faith that gets God’s attention and a moment of His time. Have faith that sees the answer when the evidence is all wrong. Have faith that stills the moment and seizes the opportunity to act. Have faith for a breakthrough that only God can give. Be not afraid, only believe. He is the Lord of Hosts, the Lord most high, the Lord your God, He is the mighty God, the all sufficient one and your everlasting Father.

You just got to believe, you just got to get through the crowds and you just have to touch the hem of his garment. It is done in Jesus. It is made in Jesus, it is complete in Jesus and you will win in Jesus.

There is no issue bigger than the I AM. There is no circumstance greater than the KING, there is no trial magnified above HIM. He is God, He is able, He is faithful, He is true and He is not man that he would lie. Is there anything too difficult for Him?

Touch Him, reach out, get into His presence and you will overcome. Want Him to change you, want Him to alter you and want Him to turn you around. Be desperate for Him and believe in His AWESOME power. The cloud is here, wait for the abundant rain if you dare to have faith to believe.

Prayer Thought

Father in the name of Jesus, I declare today victory in our lives, in our situations and in our circumstances. All things work for the good of those who love you and believe that you are able. You are God and this is my moment with you. Hear my hearts cry and don’t pass me by. Even as the deer panthers for the waters so does my soul long after you. I am here in your presence Lord and I have touched your hem. I feel your power and I embrace the altering of my life in faith from a child of circumstance to a child of destiny. In Jesus name I declare it done over my life. Amen

Hazel Moodley