Day Anchor -- By Elizabeth Price

A phrase that appalls me of latter years is ‘God’s days’, used to promote the idea of extremely long ‘days’. Apparently the days of creation were supposed to be longer days than we have now and are deemed to have each been thousands of years.

It’s a belief with terrible consequences.

A cursory reading of the book of Jeremiah tells us just how terrible the consequences of the idea are. God said through Jeremiah, ‘It would be as unthinkable to annul the covenant that I made for the day and the night, so that they should fall out of their proper order, as to annul my covenant with my servant David, so that he would have none of his line to sit on his throne …’ Jeremiah 33.

When the Lord makes a covenant, it sticks so the question is ‘When did God make a covenant for the day and night?’

To my understanding it was made in Genesis, chapter 1, verse 3 and 4. "God said ‘Let there be light.'" Then he separated the light from the dark and called it evening and morning and our length of day was established.

He never revoked the order and it counters any argument about ‘God’s days being longer than ‘our’ days. God defined what makes one day right there and it is exactly the same as today.

Furthermore, God told Jeremiah that day and night is a fixed order under covenant. He said, ‘If there were no covenant for day and night, and if I had not established a fixed order in heaven and earth, then I could spurn the descendants of Jacob and of my servant David and not take any of David’s line to be rulers over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But in my compassion I shall restore their fortunes.’ (Jeremiah 33).

If the fixed order of day and night can be altered, then God can dispense with David’s line. If David’s line is dispensed, there is no Christ. That is how terrible the idea really is.

Christ is anchored in the first day of the Bible.

Elizabeth Price