God 911 Calls -- By Michele Starkley

Everyone, including the Governor and the Mayor of New York, agrees on one thing - nothing less than a miracle happened on Thursday, January 15th.  An airliner carrying over 150 people landed safely on the Hudson River in New York after suffering catastrophic failure in both engines.  All of the mainstream media is hailing the Pilot as a hero for saving the lives of his passengers and crew.  I agree that the Pilot did do a superb job of remaining calm in the storm.  However, I think there was a little more to this story that missed the headlines.  I listened carefully to several of the survivors who kept repeating, “We all just started praying”.  Imagine that, collective, focused prayers going heavenward at the same exact moment.  A sort of God-911 call placed by a whole lot of folks at the very same moment in time.

“God, help us.” “Hurry, Lord, before we all drown.” “Dear God, save us.”

Imagine the angels who were monitoring those incoming calls for help as they sprang into action.  “Lord, come quickly.  People are calling for You on the Hudson River.  Some of whom have never called on You before.  Shall we go down to spread some peace and comfort among them?”

God replies, “No, I’ll go – the world needs to experience a miracle.  Let them see, firsthand, that I Am with them always.”

That is what prayer can do and it doesn’t have to be a 911-prayer call.  It doesn’t even require an urgent, “save me, God” plea.  It can be as a simple spoken or unspoken prayer, “A little help here, Lord.  We need Your guidance today, Your presence and Your peace to sustain us”.  To God, every prayer is critical and requires immediate attention when we call out to Him.  Miracles happen everyday but it just doesn’t get the media “miracle” treatment.  We must remember that no matter what, He is with us always, and that alone is a miracle in itself.

Michele Starkey