Hump Day -- By Carolyn Young

One Wednesday morning I received an unusual wish from a friend in an E-mail that said “ I hope you are having a happy “hump day". I guess the reasons that hump day fits are because by Wednesday we are over the hump and well into the week’s activity.

It reminded me of a very special hump day I had experienced but it was not on a Wednesday. On this day I climbed on the back of a camel and went for a real hump ride. To be on his back was a real high. It was a ride that I will always remember. Fun but scary. The camel was not graceful as he ran but he did his job. Getting off was almost as scary as the ride. Camels kneel down in two stages. Front legs down and you feel like you are going over his head and then back legs down and you feel like you are on a rocking horse.

This particular camel’s life was not his own. He was owned by someone who used him to make a living. It was not his will but the will of his master. I watched as others took their turns. The camel was friendly like a puppy dog. He tried to lick the hands of those whom he would carry.

Kneeling down on the pavement probably for years had worn away the padding on his knees and the bare bones were showing. Yet he kneeled at his masters order without hesitation because that was his reason for being there. To kneel, accept and carry a burden willingly for the good of another is rare.

If "Hump day" is the middle of the week then our Savior had a hump day. He was well into his final week’s activity as he knelt and prayed in the garden about taking the burden of our sin. His bones would soon feel the sting of the cruel treatment he would receive at the hands of those would be masters. Yet, he would carry the burden of the cross because that was His reason for being there. His suffering for us would be beyond description but it was the will of his Father and he obeyed without hesitation. It was for the comfort and joy of all the rest of the world as well as for you and me.

His trip up Calvary was not graceful but it was Grace that sent him there. He did it willingly and gave his life for us. His bones were all out of joint but he looked with love at those he was dying for and prayed for their forgiveness. The love of our Lord Jesus is awesome! I John 4:10-11. "Herein is LOVE, Not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us we ought also to love one another."

Thank him for that love not only on hump day but every moment of everyday.

Christian love,
Carolyn Young