There are a few moments in our lives we wish we could put in a bottle, cork it and store it away in a secure place; a secret place known only to ourselves. So we could take it out now and then and enjoy it’s fragrance; it’s thrill; the joy all over again.

I believe God gives us such moments every now and then to show us our heart; to remind us of our humanity.

Just today I was sent an article written by my friend, Joe Mazella about such a moment in his live. That was the inspiration for this article; remembering precious moments in my life. I only wish my recall of such moments was as vivid as Joe’s.

Going back over my childhood; too many years to recollect many highlights or moments I care to recall, but there were a few.

One such moment occurred when I was approximately eight years old. It was a rare moment, first of all because I rarely accompanied my father anywhere. In fact, it was the only time I recall that my Dad took me with him to town. We lived in a small town, which today would be called a suburb of a larger town.

My father had an errand that required him to go into town. For some unknown reason he took me along with him.

My parents were not demonstrative people; they did not show their emotions if my memory serves me correctly. I can never recall ever observing my father embracing my mother, or any of his children for that matter, myself being the youngest of four.

On this particular occasion, we ran into an old acquaintance of my family. The two of them exchanged greetings and my Dad unexpectedly put his arm around my shoulders and introduced me to Mr. Koontz, “This is my baby”, was his remark.

It wasn’t much. To the listening bystander it was nothing to write home about, but to me it was a moment I will never forget. It was the closest thing to an embrace my father ever gave me. I was never told how cute I was, or how good I was or how much he loved me. This was a moment of great importance to me. It was in effect my father saying he was proud of me, his baby; that he loved me. So, it was very precious to me and remains so to this day.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for giving me those precious moments to recall in moments of distress or sadness. I know my father and mother loved me, as I love my children. They were restrained for whatever reason from showing their feelings or emotions. Thank You for their love and care of me, even though it was such a brief moment in time. But I pray that one day, I will see them in Heaven and they won’t be restrained or hold back their emotions and feelings of joy and love.

Nell Berry