Two Sons -- By Elizabeth Price

On a national day, two brothers stood in an outdoor meeting listening to their father give a brief Christian talk. At the finish of the talk, the father said, "A transcript of this talk is freely available to anyone who would like to have it."

One of the brothers was a Christian and he was so moved by the talk he collected two copies, one for himself and one for his brother.

They each took the message home and read it again and the first brother put his in his pocket. Being a Christian and loving his father deeply, he wanted to keep the message close by where he could read it whenever he wanted to.

"I don't believe in this stuff," said the second brother. "I'm not a Christian but this was a good talk and my father was genuine in what he said. I think everybody should have a copy."

He took it to the printer and had a number of copies made. He gave them to his friends and work-mates and to everyone he met. In fact, he answered so many questions about it, it was not long before he could tell the whole message himself without having to hand out a printed copy of it. And the father was inundated with callers wanting to learn more.

"Which of the two did what his father wanted?" Asked Jesus. Matthew 21:28-31

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