Witnessing -- By Audrey Mullen

“Then said I, “Here am I, send me.” (Isaiah 6:7b)

When God saved me at age 16, I was the most shy, bashful teenager you have ever seen but I made a promise to God this time. I told Him one morning in my Sunday school class, “God, you know how talking to strangers terrifies me, but I promise that when I am given an opportunity to witness for you, I will supply the tongue if you will supply the words” and I meant that promise with all my soul and being.

So what does God do? He brought a young, handsome preacher into my life and made it plain that He wanted me to serve him as a Pastor’s Wife. On May 16, 1953, I married my pastor (literally) and set out on an exciting adventure with my Lord. Thus, the young lady who had been living on borrowed time for more than nineteen years began her life in a borrowed house – the church parsonage.

I taught Sunday school for all age groups through these years; have been the guest speaker for many Ladies’ functions in many different churches; taught Kindergarten for many years, conducted workshops on the subject, and even led a retreat. I just kept supplying the tongue at each opportunity and God answered my prayer and has faithfully supplied the words every time.

Now that these 56 years have slipped by since my marriage, my pastor husband is retired completely; thus making me a retired pastor’s wife. The speaking engagements aren’t so plentiful now (couldn’t accept most of them if there were) but God still supplies the words as I yield my tongue to speak to strangers who come to visit our church. I’ve learned to use the smile God gave me and I find that almost everyone responds to that. Then I can tell them about my God who is my light and my salvation.


Audrey Mullen