Credibility Problem -- By Elizabeth Price

It has become something of a talking point within my family that I never had a mother.  A family member went looking on the internet for family history and discovered that my mother’s name was not there.  According to that particular record, I am standing here in real flesh and blood time without ever having had a mother.  It gives me a credibility problem.

I happened to know my mother very well and have been told I resemble her.  Her beliefs have guided me through life and nobody believes that by some stroke of a pen she has been deleted.

If I were a very important person, it could be a serious problem, but in my case, it does not matter what anybody thinks.

However I know of one extremely important person acclaimed by millions of people as probably the most important person in all history, who has a similar credibility problem.  Millions say they believe him, they do what he said they should do and his beliefs are their guide through life.

The record of his ancestors is clearly there and he spoke about one early ancestor in particular.  He said the history of his ancestor’s times resembles the times in which we live.

Oddly, many say that the ancestor did not exist in flesh and blood time.  They have deleted him with a stroke of philosophy.  By doing so, they give the very important person a credibility problem.

The important person is Jesus, who millions say they believe, and Luke 3:36 names Noah as a major ancestor of Jesus.  The attitudes around Noah during his flesh and blood time destroyed world peace and prosperity. 


Just as I had a real belief in walking and talking with my mother in flesh and blood time, Jesus the Creator had a real belief in walking and talking with Noah in his flesh and blood time, Genesis 6:13-22.  Jesus walked and talked with Noah.

Don’t let philosophy delete the credibility of Jesus.


Elizabeth Price